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House of Delegates
      Amendments and resolutions are displayed with the IRIS character-generation system. Added text can be highlighted with underscoring; deletions can be noted with strike-throughs. Delegates vote with our easy-to-use handsets. Within a fraction of a second, the results of the vote are displayed.

      In contrast to voice votes or shows of hand, IRIS tallies are accurate and conclusive. There is no need for long delays while votes are counted.

      When amendments are adopted, the resolution as amended can usually be displayed almost immediately. The time required will, of course, vary with the complexity of the amendment and resolution. This system permits the delegates to see what they're voting on, and avoids much of the confusion that can lead to unnecessarily long debate.

      In most Houses of Delegates, each delegate has just one vote. But in some cases, the number of votes per delagate varies, depending on the size of the district they represent. IRIS can facilitate and simplify this complicated scenario with Weighted Voting .

      IRIS also offers a Microphone Sequencing system to facilitate fair and orderly floor debate.

      If delegates elect Association officers, the cost and delays associated with paper balloting can be avoided by using the IRIS system for elections. One of our clients was able to reduce the time required from 12 hours to about 2.5 hours.


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